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Comprehensive Business Solutions | Project Management | Disaster Recovery Planning | Ingres Consulting | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Where Expertise + Best Practices = Success ®

“Comprehensive Solutions has always been very responsive and performed excellent work for us. I wish that I had more vendors like them.”

Ashok V. / Director, Information Technology

Our team offers a full range of services in three core areas.  These are areas we are passionate about, and where we have a track record of success. 

We take a business approach to IT, looking at what is fiscally prudent as well what makes sense from a business and technical perspective.  It's innovative thinking tempered by real-world sense, and results in strategies that are as beneficial as they are practical.

We provide the confidence that you want and deliver the results that you need.  Call today to see how your company can save money and achieve higher levels of success.

Service Offerings by Practice Area:

» Project Management

» Disaster Recovery

» Ingres Consulting


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