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Ingres & Quel

Expertise in the Quel database language is getting harder and harder to find.  This proprietary alternative to SQL was abandoned by many Ingres sites in the late 1980s or early 1990s.  Yet, there are still legacy systems supporting mission-critical applications today that were developed using Quel.

Not only is the query language entirely different (syntax and constructs), but the transaction semantics and error handling are different as well.  Quel provides the ability to do things in a single query that cannot be mapped to a single query in SQL.   Because of this complexity, the risk of introducing problems when modifying or converting Quel-based systems is high unless there is an expert understanding of Quel.

Fortunately, we have that understanding.  Our consultants are experts with both Quel and SQL.  Many of our consultants were programmers using Quel 15 - 20 years ago.  We are one of the last sources of readily available Quel expertise.

Our team recently migrated a major and complex application system developed in Quel to SQL.  This involved conversion of hundreds of programs, and Ingres upgrade to a supported version, and rehosting to a newer platform.  We planned, managed, and successfully executed this entire effort.

WE can provide accurate estimates and a roadmap for success.  We have the proven expertise and experience to provide a solution to your Quel dilemmas SAFE and FAST!

Would you like to do this work yourself?  For just $499 we will provide you with a conversion script that typically handles 60% or more of the conversion, and a documented process used in large conversion projects.  For the cost of a few hours of a consultant you can get the benefit of expert consulting staff and save thousands.

Please contact us today to find out how we can support or migrate your Quel based applications.

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