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Comprehensive Solutions | Performance Tuning and Benchmarking | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Performance Tuning & Benchmarking

"Comprehensive Solutions has unmatched expertise in real-life
situations.  Their assistance and specific recommendations helped us make sound IT decisions.  And, their performance tuning efforts enabled us to achieve our business goals."

Jason T. / Senior DBA

Performance typically becomes an issue only after it becomes a problem.  Ideally, performance is addressed during the design, development and implementation of a system to avoid problems.  While a proactive approach is nice, is not always possible due to legacy systems and changes in the environment.

Performance tuning is as much (if not more) art as it is science. It takes a highly skilled consultant to look at the entire system, identify the potential problem spots, and then identify specific problem conditions. These conditions may exist in the hardware configuration, software configuration, software design, transaction design or query design. Often, performance issues are really concurrency issues.  A systematic approach coupled with a strong grasp of technology are the key to success.

Benchmarking is a very difficult task. Developing a benchmark that accurately addresses your goals can be very time consuming. Often, profile information needs to be collected, custom programs and test data sets be generated, and a method of synchronization between processes be developed. Overall, the process is not that much different than performance tuning.

We have expertise in both areas and would be happy to help you.  Please contact us  to discuss your needs or areas of concern.

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