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Comprehensive Consulting Solutions, Inc. | About Us | Mission & Vision | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

It's Simple - Deliver What You Promise!

Comprehensive Solutions' is passionate about making a tangible difference for our clients.  Our vision is based on the simple principle of providing the best service - with the unwavering principles of quality, integrity and unquestioned value. 

Value and Trust are what differentiates us from many other consulting firms.  We partner with our clients to understand their business operations, goals, and strategy, then create solutions that position them for greater success. Our customers depend on us to do this time and time again.

We will recommend the best alternative for your specific goals and environment - the solution that balances both current and future needs, maximizes ROI, and minimizes risk.  A solution is only comprehensive if it accomplishes all these goals.

Comprehensive Solutions was founded in March, 1999 by Ronald D. "Chip" Nickolett.

Chip Nickolett, president



Chip has over 22 years of experience with full life-cycle systems development experience.  His understanding of technology and his exposure to many diverse environments as a Consultant has provided him with a rich background of experience and knowledge.  His understanding of business helps provide the balance required for successful solution implementation. 


Social Responsibility. Since our inception we have donated over $250,000 to causes such as research and programs at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, The Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, The Arthritis Foundation, and many more. We believe in sharing our success with causes that provide a benefit to the community, and especially for children. Click Here to read more about some of those efforts.